2014 Reedy Invitational Drivers List Announced

Now that the 2013 IFMAR World Championships are completed, the list of qualified drivers for the 2014 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions Invitational class has been set.


The following drivers are eligible to compete in the Invitational class to become the 20th champion of the historic event:


Ryan Cavalieri
Jörn Neumann
Dustin Evans
Billy Easton
Brian Kinwald
Mark Pavidis
Mark Francis
Greg Hodapp
Jeremy Kortz
Masami Hirosaka
Rick Hohwart
Cliff Lett
Kris Moore
Chris Allec
Jared Tebo
Steven Hartson
Martin Achter
Hayato Matsuzaki
Neil Cragg
Dakotah Phend
Yusuke Sugiura
Ty Tessmann
Martin Bayer
Naoto Matsukura
Lee Martin
Ryan Maifield
Ryan Lutz
Darren Bloomfield
Travis Amezcua
David Ronnefalk
Kody Numedahl
Carson Wernimont
Rob Gillespie Jr.
Atsushi Hara
Kai Kikuchi
Keisuke Enomoto
Tatsuya Sanpei
Kohta Akimoto
Hupo Hönigl
Masatsugu Ido
Kenji Tsruta
Satoshi Maezumi
Shinya Kimura
Tyuya Katou
Christoffer Svensson
Tyler Vik
Lorenzo Crolla
Wesley Van Helmond
Hiroshi Suzuki
Barry Baker
Martin Kreil
Takayuki Kohno
Billy Fischer
Oliver Scholz
Paul Bradby

Once the entry deadline of November 3, 2013 has been reached, the drivers who have signed up will be sorted into ranked order with the top 30 competing in the Inviational class. The rest of the qualifed Invitational drivers will be guarnateed a position in the open classes. All qualified Invitational drivers wishing to compete in the event should register for the event here: http://events.rcsignup.com/events/displayEvent.cfm?ID=3533

Stay tuned to www.reedyrace.com and the Facebook event page for more information and event updates.  All inquiries regarding the event should be directed to reedyrace@rc10.com.

Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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