Adam Drake Joins Flash Point Racing Fuel

Adam Drake has officially signed to run for Flash Point Racing Fuel.  Drake has been testing and running Flash Point since February, but has now made it official that he will be running Flash Point Racing Fuel exclusively and will be helping with the development of the fuel and future products.  For more in on Flash Point R/C Fuel go to

Flash Point Racing Fuel was developed specifically for today’s nitro buggies, trucks, and on-road vehicles.  Flash Point Racing Fuel was designed specifically for competition by a team of world class drivers.  Flash Point’s exclusive lubrication package offers industry leading power, tuneability, and fuel consumption.  Only first generation methanol and nitro methane are blended in Flash Point Fuels.  Flash Point offers both off-road 30% and on-road 25% blends in quart and gallon bottles.

Why choose Flash Point Racing Fuel?
–  Superior power.
–  Industry leading fuel consumption.
–  Easy to tune.    
–  Crisp idle.
–  Cooler operating temperatures.
–  Increase engine life.
–  Clean burning.
–  High-performance oil package.
Protect your engine investment by feeding it the best fuel on the market from Flash Point!

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