Another one for Jefferies and Team Associated/Reedy!

Round 3 of the 2014-2015 BRCA 1/12 Scale Nationals took place at Tamworth near Birmingham last weekend. The flowing track layout provided some excellent racing across the field throughout the weekend. The round was split into two separate race meetings, with classes for 13.5 and 10.5 Stock on Saturday and 10.5 and Modified on Sunday.


In Saturday’s 10.5 Stock class, Reedy factory driver Olly Jefferies was in his usual form, but a new challenger came to this event in the form of German driver and current European 1/12 stock champion Markus Mobers. Markus ended an impressive run for Jefferies which has seen him display the number 1 on his car for a continuous period of well over a year.

The A-final was a gripping spectacle for those watching and a brilliant race for those taking part in it. Beforehand the question was asked about Olly’s ability to race closely with other cars in a heads-up race, mainly due to the fact that he has completely dominated the season so far and in most of the races he has been way out ahead on his own and under minimal pressure. The answer came in the form of a breathtaking pass for the lead which drew a gasp from the watching crowd. Markus ran ever so slightly wide exiting a chicane, and Olly capitalized on what may have been his only opportunity to get into the lead to position his car perfectly and squeeze though a gap of barely two car widths wide.

The pair raced closely for the entire race and crossed the finishing line a fraction of a second apart. Elsewhere in the race there were other battles raging, including that between Reedy factory driver Mark Stiles and Chris Kerswell for 3rd place. Mark managed to keep his cool despite sustained pressure from Chris to claim the final podium position.

In Saturday’s other action, Keith Robertson drove his Reedy-powered 12R5.2 to the win from the pole position in the 13.5 Stock class.

After the superb racing on Saturday’s event, everyone was looking forward to faster motors and more grip on Sunday. There were a few bleary-eyed racers in the pits on Sunday morning following the annual BRCA 1/12 section Christmas party where several of the revelers remained until the early hours of the morning!

A battle was once again waged between Jefferies and Mobers in the Modified class but this time it was Olly who would line up at the front of the A-final grid. Mobers had to settle for the second grid position ahead of Adam Walker-Catchpole in third.

The A-final featured another fierce battle between Jefferies and Mobers. Their pace was relentless and by race end they had lapped the entire field. Despite the pressure and a last lap passing attempt by Mobers, Olly took the win. Mobers fell just short in second position with former World Champion David Spashett rounding out the top three.

The 10.5 Sport class was dominated by Reedy-powered Jim Spencer, who set the TQ with a time that was a full lap better than the second qualifier. He drove to an easy win followed by Tim Wood and Championship leader Keith Robertson.

Reedy-powered cars dominated the proceedings with three poles, all four A-final wins, and more than half of the podium positions! Round 4 takes place at Crewe in January, where podium results will wrap up two more championship for Olly Jefferies with two rounds remaining.

Thanks to all of the Tamworth club officials and members who helped organize and run the event as well as the catering staff which worked tirelessly throughout the two days.

Products used:
#234     Reedy Sonic 540 Mach 2 10.5
#246     Reedy Sonic 540 Mach 2 3.5
#312     Reedy 7000mAh 65C 3.7V
#4020 RC12R5.2 Factory Team Kit




Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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