Drake and Novarossi win the JBRL round #7 at Revelation Raceway

The 1/8th expert truck class Team Losi Racing / Novarossi’s Adam Drake took TQ honors with his Novarossi powered TLR 8ight T 2.0.  The beginning of the 25 minute final was a great between Adam Drake and Cody King.  King had mechanical problems 10 minutes into the race and was forced to retire.  This opened the door for Castellano to move up to second.  Drake took the victory followed by teammates Castellano in second and Schreffler in third.


1/8th Expert Truck

Pos. – Driver – Chassis – Engine – Fuel – Tire

1st-Adam Drake (TQ)-TLR 8ight T 2.0-NOVAROSSI Bonito-Nitrotane-Losi Kingpin

2nd-Matt Castellano-TLR 8ight T 2.0-OS-Nitrotane-AKA

3rd-Matt Schreffler-TLR 8ight T 2.0-NOVAROSSI Bonito-Nitrotane-Losi Kingpin



The 1/8th expert buggy class Cody King TQ’ed followed by Castellano and Drake.  At the start of the 25-minute final Drake made a pass on both Castellano and King.  King made a few attempts to get back around Drake in the early laps, but made a few small mistakes and fell back about 5-6 seconds behind Drake.  King would make up a little time and then drake would pull back away keeping the same 5-6 second lead for most of the race.  With about four minutes to go Drake made a mistake and allowed King to close the gap.  King then made a pass of the lead, but Drake battled back.  The two drivers got together going for the same line and Drake got the better end of it.  King was now 1-2 seconds behind, but made a few mistakes in the closing laps and allowed Drake to take the win.  Cody King finished second and TLR’s Matt Castellano finished third.

1/8th Expert Buggy

Pos. – Driver – Chassis – Engine – Fuel – Tire

1st-Adam Drake-TLR 8ight 2.0-NOVAROSSI BTTS-Nitrotane-Losi Digit

2nd-Cody King (TQ)-Kyosho-Orion-Byron’s-AKA

3rd-Matt Castellano -TLR 8ight 2.0-OS-Nitrotane-AKA


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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