Drake and Moller win Snowman Rd. #1

ARC Raceway kicked off its 2012 race season this past weekend with round one of the Snowman Series.  The series consists of four rounds.  Round one had 12 heats.  TLR, Nova Rossi, Pro-Line driver Adam Drake tq’ed both rounds of qualifying in the 1/8th Pro Buggy class in front of teammate’s Drew Moller and Matt Schreffler.  In the 1/8th Pro Truck class Ronda Drake tq’ed round one with her new TLR 8ight T 2.0.  Drew Moller tq’ed round two and would be the overall tq for the truck class. In the 30 minute buggy final Adam Drake ran flawless and took the victory by more than two laps over Carson Wernimont in second and Colin Herzig in third.  Drew Moller won the 20 minute truck final followed by teammate Andy Carillo in 2nd and Ronda Drake in 4th after a rough start.


1/8th Pro Buggy

Drake and Moller win Snowman Rd. #1 RC News


  • 1-ADAM DRAKE (TQ)-TLR 8ight 2.0-NOVAROSSI-Nitrotane-Pro-Line
  • 2-CARSON WERNIMONT-Durango-Reedy-AKA
  • 3-COLIN HERZIG-TLR 8ight 2.0-Nitrotec-Nitrotane-Pro-Line
  • 4-CODY SMITH-TLR 8ight 2.0-NOVAROSSI-Nitrotane
  • 5-DREW MOLLER-TLR 8ight 2.0-NOVAROSSI-Nitrotane-Pro-Line

Drake and Moller win Snowman Rd. #1 RC News
1/8th Pro Truck


  • 1-DREW MOLLER-TLR 8ight T 2.0-NOVAROSSI-Nitrotane-Pro-Line
  • 2-ANDY CARRILLO-TLR 8ight T 2.0-NOVAROSSI-Nitrotane-AKA
  • 4-RONDA DRAKE-TLR 8ight T 2.0-NOVAROSSI-Nitrotane-Pro-Line

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