Factory Tracks Racing Team Signs with Futaba

Meet the famed Factory Tracks Racing team, the latest addition to the Futaba roster!

Based in Michigan, Factory Tracks Racing was founded by Al Horne in 2010. Al originally created the team to “help bridge the gap between the local R/C racer and the big-time R/C pros.” In just five short years, his team has become a force to be reckoned with on tracks all over the U.S.

Factory Tracks Racing is based upon “finding and developing young, talented racers that have obtained results up against some of the best in the business, both on and off the track,” said Al. By joining forces with Futaba, he hopes the team will “achieve an even higher level of success in the future.”

Be sure to look for Factory Tracks Racing at events all over the country.

For information on upcoming events, visit factorytracks.com, and please join Futaba on welcoming the Factory Tracks Racing team!

Source: www.hobbico.com


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