Improved V2 Diff Shimming Method RC8T3, RC8T3e, RC8B3 and RC8B3e

After several weeks of testing and racing the 1:8 scale V2 diffs, our engineering team has found a setup that improves the consistency and length of time between rebuilds of the V2 differentials.


This improvement applies to the Team Associated RC8T3, RC8T3e and to any optional V2 differentials that were purchased for use in a Team Associated RC8B3 or RC8B3e.

A running change will be made to the RC8T3 and RC8T3e kits and packaged differential sets. New shims and a gasket will be added along with a supplement detailing the improved shimming method.

If you already have an RC8T3, RC8T3e or optional V2 diffs for your RC8B3 or RC8B3e and they did not come with the supplemental shim pack, please call customer service at (949) 544-7500 ext. 2124 for a free shim pack.

  • Limit 1 shim set per vehicle.
  • Proof of purchase may be required.


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