JQRacing announces Mike Garrison as new USA Team Manager

It’s no secret that JQRacing has grown above and beyond expectations around the globe, and continuing to grow as we speak. With that growth, the company has seen amazing success such as being the Finnish National Champion since the company’s birth, South African National Champion, Andulasian Champion, French Nationals winner, International Warm Up Race winner, Brazilian AMA GP Winner, 3-time Euro A Top 10 finisher, and countless podiums from around the globe.


While THECar is no stranger to the United States, it has yet to make such a mark on American Soil. In an effort to make that mark, and create an American race team above and beyond expectations, JQRacing is pleased to introduce their new USA Team Manager, Mike Garrison!

Some may know Mike from his banana suit appearance while strapped to a crane racing the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships. Others may know him as the voice behind the VRC Pro Simulator, Come Drive with Us documentary series, and/or race announcer from various major events around the nation. We know Mike as an individual who has, Against The Odds, proven the impossible IS possible, despite suffering a paralyzing motocross crash in 2006.

JQRacing announces Mike Garrison as new USA Team Manager RC News

“I started out as a kid on a dirtbike with hopes and dreams of being a pro rider when I grew up. I raced for 13 years when on August 27, 2006 I was involved in a crash that shattered my spine, collapsed both lungs, and left me paralyzed from the chest down. At that point I turned my focus to R/C car racing. Time flashed before my eyes, and the next thing I knew I was strapped onto a homemade wooden box in the pouring rain to race the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships.

JQRacing announces Mike Garrison as new USA Team Manager RC News

They told me I would never race anything again because I was paralyzed. I set out to prove the impossible IS in fact possible by strapping myself back onto a dirtbike and racing motocross again, traveling the country racing R/C cars, and chasing the dream of being a professional offroad truck racer (despite the need for hand controls and a wheelchair in the pits).

Joseph Quagraine gave birth to JQRacing because he was told he couldn’t do it. It was impossible to build a car and company of his own to rival the industry’s best. Proving the impossible, he did it. He built the company, he built the car, and now I am here to build the team.

JQRacing announces Mike Garrison as new USA Team Manager RC News

I am very excited for to join the JQRacing family, and work closely with Joseph, Ilias, existing JQ drivers, and new JQ drivers to help build THETeam we’ve all been waiting for in America. I’ve lived my entire life on wheels, whether it be dirtbikes, wheelchairs, R/C cars, or UTVs…and now it’s time to roll on to the next chapter of this “impossible journey”. – Mike Garrison

JQRacing USA is NOW ACCEPTING driver applications for America’s Dream Team of drivers! To apply, email your information and racer resumes to mike@jq-products.com.


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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