New LRP Competition 20A Power Supply

The new LRP Competition 20A Power Supply has been designed completely from scratch. LRP’s new power supply now contains two 12V power output connectors for easy connection of multiple 12V devices such as charger, lights, and other pit accessories. The output power of 20 amps at 13.8 volts makes the new LRP Power Supply a perfect fit for a power-hungry day at the track.


Another top feature is the separate USB charging output. The included USB port is great for MP3 devices and mobile phones. The LRP Power Supply is designed to be used worldwide with an input voltage range of 110V to 230V and is securely incased in a blue-anodized aluminum housing.

20A / 13.8V Output Power — High power output to simultaneously use multiple chargers.
Dual Output Sockets — Two individual output sockets for 4mm standard connectors.
USB Charge Output — 5V / 1A USB charge output for electronic devices like phones and MP3 players.
Compact and Lightweight Design — Only 154 x 102 x 53mm
World Wide Operation — Adjustable input voltage. 110V and 230V
Universal Input Cords — Includes two input power cords, US/Japan and European connectors.

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