LRP Pulsar Touch Firmware Update

The latest firmware for the Pulsar Touch is available for download now. With the new version of firmware, step-charging NiMH’s is easier and the touch screen usage becomes even more comfortable.


If you already own one of the revolutionary LRP Pulsar Touch Competition chargers, you can find the update at

The download (zip file) includes:

  • The new v1.46 Pulsar Touch Firmware (PulsarTouch_v1.46.bin)

Changes of the new Firmware v1.46 include:

  • Revised adjustable “Charge Volt” settings for LiPo’s—now from 4.00 to 4.25V/C in 0.01V steps
  • Step-charging NiMH’s is now possible with no temperature probe connected
  • Improved hall-sensor check function
  • Small improvements to touch screen usage fixed a small bug with the delay timers in cycle function


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