LRP USB Bridge Spec.2 – Speedo Firmware Update + PC-Link

The new LRP USB Bridge Spec.2 is suited for ALL — established and new — LRP speed controls featuring a software updateability function.


The speed control software (firmware) of the following LRP speed controls can be updated quickly and easily:

  • LRP SXX Competition Version 2
  • LRP SXX TC spec Version 2
  • LRP SXX Stock Spec Version 2
  • LRP iX8 Brushless
  • Future LRP products

The required software is free and can be downloaded from the LRP website ( The device can be operated with Windows PCs or Mac computers.

Items included:

  • USB Update Bridge
  • PC-to-Update Bridge cable
  • Update bridge-to-speed control sensor cable
  • Instruction manual and stickers

LRP USB Bridge Spec.2 Update Device
Available: June 2012
UPC: 7 84695 99124 8

For more information, please visit:

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