LRP Vector X20 Brushless Motors

LRP’s R&D department had high efficiency and maximum power in mind when they designed the new high-performance X20 motors. New technology used includes the dual axis balanced 12.5mm sintered Works Team rotor, resulting in smooth running and increased efficiency. The larger-sized ball bearings and LRP’s PreciSensorâ„¢ system also contribute to the impressive performance of the new LRP Vector X20 motors. The ultra-lightweight, precision-machined 7075-T6 aluminum housing has optimized cut-outs for great heat absorption and lower running temperatures.



  • XTEC X20 Cool max housing – Machined 7075-T6 aluminum can with extra cooling for lowest running temperatures
  • Dynamic balanced Works Team rotor – Dual axis balanced 12.5mm sintered Works Team rotor for maximum power and highest efficiency
  • Waterproof PreciSensorâ„¢ system – Fully waterproof precise-sensor positioning for best power, throttle feel, and efficiency.
  • Optimized racing stack – Optimized packed stack for improved drive feel and efficiency
  • 5 timing inserts – Finer timing adjustments; inserts now include degree markings
  • Laser engraved rotor size – Externally visible indication of the rotor diameter
  • Oversized ABEC 5 ball-bearings – Larger sized ABEC 5 bearings for maximum durability
  • O-ring dampening – For vibration-free operation even under high RPMs
  • Easy-Solder design – Heavy copper, 6-layer PCB for lowest resistance
Part No. Description
#LRP50643 Vector X20 10.5 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50644 Vector X20 9.5 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50654 Vector X20 8.5 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50664 Vector X20 7.5 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50674 Vector X20 6.5 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50684 Vector X20 5.5 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50689 Vector X20 5.0 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50694 Vector X20 4.5 Turn Brushless Motor
#LRP50704 Vector X20 4.0 Turn Brushless Motor


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Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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