Lutz triples at Futaba E-Challenge

Ryan Lutz turned a weekend in Joliet, Illinois, into a weekend of decisive wins at the Futaba Electric Challenge. The event took place September 5-7 at the Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet, Illinois.

After two solid days of racing – one indoors, one outdoors – Ryan walked away with TQ and first place honors in the 1/8 4WD Modified and E-Buggy mains, a win in the 2WD Modified “Dash for Cash” and a second place finish in 1/10 2WD Modified Main.


Ryan’s vehicles for the event included three of Team Durango’s finest: the DEX210V2 for 2WD, the DEX410V4 for 4WD Modified and the  EX408V2 for E-Buggy. However, he ran them all with just one radio system: the Futaba 4PX. As the replacement for the 4PKS-R, the 4PX is the very latest in cutting-edge surface systems for competition.

It’s 30% faster than the 4PKS-R, making it the ultimate in racing response. With its full-color TFT display and intuitive menus, Ryan can achieve setup precision and winning performance with minimum of programming effort. Other features include a synthesized voice option
for telemetry data and an assignable, body-activated button for key features.

Congratulations to Ryan for his wins and for choosing Futaba, the radio brand racers trust most.


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