2015 Team Associated “International” Apparel

Start off the new year with Team Associated’s new line of apparel. Two new t-shirts with an “international” three-color design on front, and a smaller design on back, are available in black or white fabric. 100% soft cotton for great comfort, and eight sizes for great fit.


Our 2015 sweatshirt, with a drawstring hoodie, in black, has the same “international” design in front only. All sizes S-XXXL also include a two-pocket muff sewn into the front.

Black T-shirt

UPC Part No. Description
784695 988163 SP17S AE International T-shirt, black, small
784695 988156 SP17M AE International T-shirt, black, medium
784695 988149 SP17L AE International T-shirt, black, large
784695 988132 SP17XL AE International T-shirt, black, X-Large
784695 988125 SP17XXL AE International T-shirt, black, 2X-Large
784695 988118 SP17XXXL AE International T-shirt, black, 3X-Large
784695 988101 SP17XXXXL AE International T-shirt, black, 4X-Large
784695 988095 SP17XXXXXL AE International T-shirt, black, 5X-Large

White T-shirt

UPC Part No. Description
784695 988088 SP18S AE International T-shirt, white, small
784695 988071 SP18M AE International T-shirt, white, medium
784695 988064 SP18L AE International T-shirt, white, large
784695 988057 SP18XL AE International T-shirt, white, X-Large
784695 988040 SP18XXL AE International T-shirt, white, 2X-Large
784695 988033 SP18XXXL AE International T-shirt, white, 3X-Large
784695 988026 SP18XXXXL AE International T-shirt, white, 4X-Large
784695 988019 SP18XXXXXL AE International T-shirt, white, 5X-Large

Black Hoodie

UPC Part No. Description
784695 988002 SP19S AE International Hoodie, black, small
784695 987999 SP19M AE International Hoodie, black, medium
784695 987982 SP19L AE International Hoodie, black, large
784695 987975 SP19XL AE International Hoodie, black, X-Large
784695 987968 SP19XXL AE International Hoodie, black, 2X-Large
784695 987951 SP19XXXL AE International Hoodie, black, 3X-Large


For more information, visit www.teamassociated.com

Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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