Factory Team TC6 Screw Set

Team Associated is pleased to release the TC6 Screw Set in lightweight blue aluminum! These 97 screws include socket head, button head, and flat head screws in the following sizes and quantities:

#8566 M2x5 SHCS qty 12
#8545 M2x4 BHCS qty 8
#8548 M2.5×4 BHCS qty 3
#8550 M3x6 BHCS qty 22
#8552 M3x8 BHCS qty9
#8551 M3x6 FHCS qty 38
#8553 M3x8 FHCS qty 2
#8556 M3x12 FHCS qty 3


For more information, visit www.teamassociated.com

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