Futaba S.Bus2 Programmable HV Servos

Now R/C cars and trucks can enjoy the many advantages of Futaba S.Bus2 servo technology! Because they’re brushless, these servos last much longer than brushed servos, with much faster response times.

They stand up to jolts and vibration better, for smoother operation — and programmable capability allows drivers to fine-tune performance to meet specific applications. To find out more details and to see the entire lineup of S.Bus/S.Bus2 servos, click on the S.Bus Servo tab on the Futaba web site.



  • Brushless motors offer incredible holding power and 5X longer life than servos equipped with brushed motors
  • Handles up to 2S LiPo power
  • Compatible with S.Bus and S.Bus2
  • Programmable through the 4PX transmitter — channels, normal/reverse, dead band, speed, left/right travel and much more
  • All come with dual bearings, metal gears and are water sealed
  • BLS371SV features an aluminum center case section that helps dissipate heat in nitro-powered vehicles
  • BLS571SV has a streamlined design for mounting in cramped chassis spaces


Torque/Speed @ 4.8V: 176/0.16 127/0.11 104/0.13
Torque/Speed @ 6.0V: 219/0.13 158/0.09 131/0.10
Torque/Speed @ 6.6V: 239/0.12 174/0.08 142/0.09
Torque/Speed @ 7.4V: 264/0.10 192/0.07 153/0.08
Dimensions (in): 1.58 x.78 x 1.5 1.58 x .78 x 1.5 1.6 x .78 x 1.0
Dimensions (mm): 40 x 20 x 37 40 x 20 x 37 41 x 20 x 25
Weight: 2.22 oz (63 g) 2.0 oz (57 g) 1.45 oz (41 g)


For more information, visit www.futaba-rc.com


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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