LRP A.i. Runner Reverse Version 2




100% waterproof
The speed control is 100% waterproof.

LRP A.i. Automatic
With LRP´s exclusive True Automatic technology, a push button setup is completely unnecessary: Just plug in the speed control, switch it on, and drive! The speed control immediately “learns” the individual transmitter settings and is perfectly set up for every run with the correct neutral, full-speed forward, and full-speed reverse transmitter settings. Whatever your car´s configuration is, the LRP True Automatic adapts to it and determines your perfect setup.

Built in Fail Safe
What is Fail Safe? The Fail Safe System continuously monitors the radio signals being sent to your RC car. If incomplete or “false” signals are received as a result of low batteries or radio frequency interference, your LRP A.i. Runner Reverse Version 2 speed control reacts instantly and shuts off your model to protect it against damage due to interference.

LRP A.i. Automatic

  • No button + no setup = no problem!
  • LRP exclusive!
  • Works with synthesized, crystal, and 2.4GHz receivers
  • A.i. = Artificial intelligence
  • No manual user setup required at all!
  • Just plug in, switch on and drive

Fail Safe

  • 100% Protection
  • Digital interference protection circuitry
  • “The Protection” against interference, empty transmitter battery, or model outside the radio range
  • Your vehicle stops instead of continuing uncontrolled
  • No more damaged vehicles due to interference

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