LRP iX8 v2.6 Firmware

The tests of our team drivers on the track were successful. Now, it is also available for you – the v2.6 firmware of the brand new iX8 V2 speed control. Also the performance of the iX8 gets significantly better with it.

Final testing was done directly on the race track. At the 10th International WarmUp Race in Bischofsheim, the brand new LRP iX8 V2 speed control with its new v2.6 firmware underlined that it has the performance needed for the struggle for the top positions in international top-class racing. LRP powered drivers Joseph Quargraine, Carsten Keller and Darren Bloomfield drove to a sensational 2-3-4 finish.

Only a few weeks before, also Robert Batlle was able to impress with a pre-production sample of the iX8 V2 and the v2.6 firmware. Robert qualified second in the 1/8 E-Buggy class. In the final, he had to retire soon bur Darren Bloomfield drove to the overall seventh position with the pre-production iX8 V2.

After the release of the LRP iX8 V2 Speed Control (#80881), we are now proud to also introduce the all new v2.6 team firmware for the iX8 speed controller series. While primarily developed for the new iX8 V2, you are also able to install this update on your original iX8 and profit from its new features.

Initial Drive Mode has been added to allow you to choose between smooth initial throttle power and aggressive acceleration, making the iX8 series more versatile in different grip conditions. Our newly developed dedicated 1/8 brake provides an extremely linear and powerful brake performance. The Intelligent Brake/Reverse v1.0 algorithm, known from the Flow firmware v1.5, as well as an increased reverse speed and new power profile values will further enhance your overall driving experience.

Moreover, this update introduces automatic battery detection for 2S / 3S / 4S / 6S to the iX8 series, which takes over adjusting the right battery cut-off voltage for you. In case cut-off kicks in to protect your battery, you will still be able to drive at reduced speed for an additional 30 seconds. This allows you to get your car to a save position before the actual shutdown..

In short, firmware v2.6 gives you the tools to fully utilize the potential of your iX8 or iX8 V2 speed controller. Now it is up to you to use these tools to your advantage: Make no compromise, tweak your settings continuously and push your speedo and yourself to new limits!

The new v2.6 firmware can be downloaded for free from the LRP website: »HERE!


Key improvements at a glance



• Initial Drive Mode


iX8 Brushless

• New brake developed especially for 1/8 use

iX8 V2 Brushless

• Intelligent Brake/Reverse v1.0

Part Nos.:


• Automatic battery detection for 2S / 3S / 4S / 6S


• Low voltage protection with additional 30sec slow driving feature

How does the new firmware and its setup work in detail?
You can find all functions and setup options explicitly explained in the multi-language map guide (PDF format). Included into the firmware download: »HERE!


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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