New Pro-Line Electron 2.2″ X2 (medium compound) Rear for 2wd buggy

The incredibly successful Electron tire is now available in long wear X2 compound!

The Electron features connected tire tread technology to improve traction and wear on even the most abrasive of outdoor track conditions. The square center pins laid out between the connected tread provide consistent forward and side bite even when the track gets dusty. Test drivers are amazed at the precision steering and super-fast corner speed that the Electrons provide. The Electron Wave is coming – Don’t get left behind in their wake. Get your own set of Electron tires now!


  • Connected Tire Tread Technology
  • Perfect tire for indoor abrasive surfaces
  • Improved Traction and Wear
  • Consistent Forward and Side Bite
  • Precision Steering and Corner Speed
  • Includes Closed Cell Foam Inserts

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