Pro-Line True Scale Concrete K-Rail

This is a True Scale Concrete 1:10 K-Rail. Pro-Line is proud to introduce an awesome addition to scale realism and to your scale scene.

There are many fun and insanely scale applications for these concrete K-Rails including; chicanes for off-road racing, race borders and obstacles for drifting, start and finish line borders for rock racing and rock crawling events, scale construction scene objects and borders, scale freeway dividers, or as a great way to display your scale RC model. These K-rails will add an instant sense of scale dimension to any application.

As a True-Scale representation of the full size K-Rails they are made of real concrete and reinforced with steel rebar so you know these K-rails are the real deal!

Easily paintable to fit right into your scene, be it stark white with high visibility for a race or construction scene, or take it underground by adding street art or graffiti.


  • Made from Real Concrete
  • Reinforced with Steel Rebar
  • Stamped “P-L” Logo on one side
  • Easily Paintable for Complete Customization
  • Endless Scale Enhancement Applications

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