Reedy LiPo Battery Weight Set

Reedy LiPo Battery Weight Set Reedy’s LiPo battery weights fit perfectly under your low-profile shorty LiPo battery so that you can add weight while reducing your vehicle’s center of gravity for improved handling and stability on high-grip surfaces.

Each set is precision cut from brass and contains one .5mm (17.8g) weight and one 1mm (38.8g) weight which can be used together or separately.


Dimensions (mm / in): 91.4×45.7×0.5 / 3.6×1.8×0.02. 91.4×45.7×1.0 / 3.6×1.8×0.04
Material: brass
Weight: 17.8g/.63oz. 38.8g/1.26oz.

This part fits the following vehicles:

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