Reedy Pro Silicone Wire and Low-Profile Bullet Connectors

Reedy’s Pro Silicone Wire was developed for the experienced racer who demands maximum power output, light weight, and flexibility. Ultra-thin strands of high-grade copper provide efficient current flow while thin-walled silicone insulation increases flexibility and reduces weight.


Reedy’s Pro Silicone Wire is available in 12, 14, and 16 gauge sizes, which make it ideal for most applications. And keeping with the pro racer theme, these wires are available in any color you want — as long as it’s black!

#647: 12 AWG gauge, 1740 strands, 4.0mm, 1m length
#648: 14 AWG gauge, 1025 strands, 3.0mm, 1m length
#649: 16 AWG gauge, 645 strands, 2.7mm, 1m length

Low-Profile Bullet Connectors
Reedy’s low-profile bullets feature a flat top for easy soldering with four contact points and silver plating for a low resistance connection. A 14mm length means that they will fit most socket style batteries.

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