Team Associated B5 & B5M Factory Team Ball Bearing Set

These superior bearings will smooth out the play in critical areas of your vehicle for all-around performance gains. Your B5 or B5M front axles, rear hubs, and gearbox will spin freer to perform to their greatest potential.


Distinguished by a blue shield on one side, these bearings are also packaged separately so that other vehicles can profit from a smoother ride. Compare your bearing size and replace your worn-out bearings or bushings today!

(3x7x3mm steering bearings and 5x8x2.5mm differential bearings are not included in #91551.)

B5/B5M Factory Team Bearing Set (qty 16)
For the B5, B5M

5x10x4mm Factory Team Bearings (qty 4)
For the B5, B5M, MGT4.6, MGT8.0, RC8.2, RC8T, TC6.1, TC6.2, MGT, MGT3.0, RC8, RC8B, SC8

6x12x4mm Factory Team Bearings (qty 4)
For the B5, B5M, MGT4.6, MGT8.0, Rival, MGT, MGT3.0

6x13x5mm Factory Team Bearings (qty 4)
For the B5, B5M

10x15x4mm Factory Team Bearings (qty 4)

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Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

Hello, my name is Sylvain Lafrance and I am the man behind I have bought my first hobby grade RC in the early 90s. With years, what that started as a simple hobby, quickly became a strong passion. I am so much passionate about R/C that I have created in 2006 to share my experiences with R/C products that I use for racing and bashing. Follow me !

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