TrakPower Century LiPo Packs

TrakPower Century packs are named for their 100C discharge rate, which offer competitors a huge edge in response time and acceleration. All are approved for ROARsanctioned 1/8 and 1/10 scale racing events, and balanced for longer life and maximum voltage.


Century packs offer a distinct weight advantage, as well. Since battery weight is directly linked to capacity, the capacities of Century packs have been carefully trimmed to provide winning results with less weight. What’s more, the new high-density materialsused to manufacture Century
packs help control heat. The result is light packs that reduce swelling even in high amp/heat situations. Hard-case Century packs are available with highefficiency bullet plugs or with a factory-installed Star Plug and JST XH balancing connector.

In addition to eleven Century packs, TrakPower has also added five 50C packs to its lineup.



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