Caster Racing Sniper S10B 1/10 4WD Upgraded

Caster Racing USA would like to announce that we are upgrading our S10B Sniper Pro 1/10 scale 4wd cars.  The Sniper is very unique in that 90% of parts are available in plastic or aluminum and 10% are also available in US made carbon fiber as a third choice based on cost, performance, and/or durability.

Our cars are dialed and very solid out of the box, but we decided that the drivetrain needs to be there also if we want to be competitive in the marketplace.

The pro cars will now come with stainless steel washers, ceramic ball diffs, additional washers to ensure the delrin gears are solid, and the new pressure differential set.  Just to prove that we are serious, we also just finished producing center and rear cvds and metal bevel gears just to shore up any possible durability issues.  New price to be determined, but parts and kits have probably landed in the United States by the time you are reading this.

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