LRP TQs and WINS 2011 IFMAR World Championships!

The triple A-Main format would see Team Associated/LRP driver Neil Cragg first on the grid after qualifying. Team Associated/LRP drivers Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield would start in the second and third places respectively. With five drivers running LRP speed controls in the A final, which was more than any other manufacturer in the main event, it is proof positive that Blue is Better!


Spectators and fellow drivers lined the fence, convinced that this was a World Championship like no other as they watched the epic battles from start to finish during the triple A Main!

After A1 and A2 were complete, the door was still wide open for the 2011 2WD title and it would take a nearperfect run in A3 to be crowned the 2011 World Champ. During warm-up for the A3 final, Team Associated/LRP driver Neil Cragg was unable to start the race, giving Ryan Cavalieri a clear view of the first turn. With a nose-to-tail battle for the entire A3 final, Ryan Cavalieri would come out on top with a hard-charging Ryan Maifield just one second behind.

LRP drivers Naoto Matsukura and Peter Pinisch also made the a-final and finished 8th and 10th place respectively.

Congratulations to LRP factory driver Ryan Cavalieri on his 2011 1:10 2WD IFMAR World Championship.


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Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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