Ryan Maifield and LRP take on the ROAR Nationals

Once a year, the fastest racers in the United States gather in an attempt to obtain the prestigious title of ROAR National Champion. Team Associated/LRP’s Ryan Maifield is no stranger to such titles, and is a 2-time champion in the 1/8 truck class.


Maifield started off strong in practice, topping the charts in the 1/8 buggy class as one of only two drivers to go 15 laps in 7 minutes. In truck, Ryan ended practice sitting 3rd overall.

In Truck, Maifield, Cavalieri and Tebo put on a spectacular show for the crowd and a driving clinic for competitors as they ran nose-to-tail for the first 21 minutes of the race, each swapping the lead multiple times. Maifield had soon had enough, and using the horsepower of his LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic engine, put the Team Associated RC8TCE into the lead spot and never looked back.  Ryan’s LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic engine never faded and provided him with consistent, smooth power from start to finish, even giving him the ability to run his fastest lap on lap 80 of 91.

The stage was set for yet another showdown in Buggy and after leading for 7 laps Maifield suffered from a few mistakes and fell back. Putting his head down and harnessing the power of his LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic engine, he caught back up to the lead battle just as Tebo dropped out with mechanical difficulties. Ten minutes later, Ryan’s hopes of sweeping the event were dashed after a rock caught his flywheel and caused his engine to stop. Getting his engine restarted, Ryan was able to finish the rest of the 60-minute main mistake-free to take the second spot on the podium and give LRP its second podium of the weekend as well as the ROAR National Championship.

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Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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