Serpent Cobra-Be 1/8 off-road buggy

The Serpent Cobra S811-Be is the next  superbly designed  offroad car in the Cobra family.  The Serpent Cobra buggy was launched in middle of 2010, followed by the Serpent Cobra-T  Truggy in may 2011.  Now World Champion Billy Easton created another masterpiece, based on his longtime experience in top-level offroad racing.


The Serpent Cobra-Be  follows the same design philosofy as the  gaspowered Serpent buggy and shares many of the same components as well. The whole central section with battery-slots, esc and receiver holder, servomount and motormount, chassisplate, rear wing /  wingmount and the bodyshell are the key new developments in the Cobra-Be.

Keeping the weight  as low as possible, easy access to batteries, ESC and motor, and retaining a perfect balanced and fast car under all circumstances were the main goals to create a race-wining design.   This Serpent / Easton design  is  not just about replacing gaspowered elements  with electric power, but  a dedicated design which uses the available space in an optimal way, fully aimed at electric power use and ready to cope with extreme power of todays brushless motors.


●     The main eyecatchers are the extremely low laydown longtudinal placed battery-packs at each side of the car, being part of the side-guards, securely fastened with a flip-lid, for easy and fast battery changes. The weight low in the car and in the right position, well balanced. The Lipo holders comply with ROAR legal packs / dimensions.

●     The motor is placed in the most optimal position in the car, keeping motor-forces and transmission parts / alignment in mind.  Only one-screw  is needed to secure  the BL motor, in the nicely designed durable machined aluminium motormount. Space for additional motor-cooling available as needed.

●     Sufficient space available even for the larger brands speed-controllers / vents  in the moulded mount that also integrates the unique vertical positioned / upright steering-servo.  The lightweight receiver is mounted in small integrated box on top.

●     The new front and rear chassis stiffners have been designed to fit the new central section best.

●     Easton also designed a new lower rear wing mount , and a lower type rear wing  to match ( which can also be used on the Cobra-B and Cobra-T as well).

●     The lower rear wing and wingmount suit the  low design body-style very well too.


The Cobra-Be shares the same famous shocks, diffs, strong front and rear suspension, the unique angled steering / servo-saver system, ball-raced anti-roll bars, the tough carbon fibre shocktowers, the extremely durable spring-steel drive-train and wheelaxles.

Many of the optionals of the gaspowered Cobra-Buggy  also fit the Cobra-Be, as will be clearly shown in the  Serpent  website lateron.

Serpent Cobra-Be, ⅛ scale 4wd electric powered buggy

Planned release in middle of july 2011. More details in the Serpent websites start of july.


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