Diff Parts for the RC8 Series of Vehicles

Start your New Year’s resolution to lose weight now! Your RC8 will be lighter with these light spur and diff ring gears.

RC8 Light Diff Ring Gear


RC8 Light Spur Gear, 44T

Designed to fit perfectly in Team Associated 16mm Big Bore shocks, these precision-machined, tapered Delrin®  pistons have been extensively track-tested and race-proven by AE’s racing team over the course of the 2010-2011 season, TQ’ing multiple rounds at the World Championships in Thailand. The team set out to improve over the 10 x 1.1 piston setup with damping characteristics that also excelled when the track got bumpy. Extensive testing showed that by drilling out 5 of the 10 holes larger, the damping provided the best of both worlds. The larger 1.2mm or 1.3mm allow for better low speed damping over bumps, while still keeping the great smooth track handling characteristics of the smaller 1.1 hole setups.

  • Machined Delrin® for precision fit
  • 5-hole 1.1mm and 5-hole 1.2mm  or 1.3mm design
  • Tapered profile improves rebound damping
  • Install taper down using 27.5–30wt rear shock fluid and 35–40wt front shock fluid
  • #89492 are standard kit equipment for RC8.2 and RC8.2e

#89495 light spur gear fits only nitro versions of the RC8s and RC8Ts: RC8, RC8.2, RC8B, RC8T.
#89492, 89493, 89494 works with all electric and nitro versions of the RC8s and RC8Ts: RC8, RC8.2, RC8.2e, RC8B, RC8Be, RC8T, RC8Te.

16mm Pistons, 5×1.1 + 5×1.2, qty 4

Diff Parts for the RC8 Series of Vehicles RC News

16mm Pistons, 5×1.1 + 5×1.3, qty 4

Diff Parts for the RC8 Series of Vehicles RC News

For more information, visit www.teamassociated.com

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