Parts for the Team Associated RC10 Classic Buggy RC News

Parts for the Team Associated RC10 Classic Buggy

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Here are the upcoming parts for the RC10 Classic, with UPC, part number, and part name.

Parts for the Team Associated RC10 Classic Buggy RC News

UPCPart #Description
784695 0618046180RC10 Driver, clear
784695 0618426184RC10 Wing, clear
784695 0619106191Wing Mount Kit
784695 0619276192RC10 Accessories
784695 0620546205RC10 Front Arms
784695 0620856208RC10 Front Arm Mounts
784695 0621396213RC10 Front Caster Blocks
784695 0621606216RC10 Steering Blocks
784695 0621916219RC10 Front Stub Axles
784695 0622386223RC10 King Pin
784695 0622456224Lower Shock Pin
784695 0622696226RC10 Front Inner Hinge Pin
784695 0623066230RC10 Front Shock Tower
784695 0625596255RC10 Steering Assembly
784695 0625666256RC10 Tie Rod Set
784695 0627956279White Ball Cups
784695 0630066300RC10 Chassis
784695 0631056310RC10 Front Nose Plate
784695 0632046320RC10 Nose Brace Tubes
784695 0632356323RC10 Rear Bulkhead
784695 0632666326RC10 Transmission Brace
784695 0632736327RC10 Wing Tubes
784695 0633106331RC10 Body Mounts, white
784695 0633346333RC10 Battery Cup
784695 0633726337RC10 Servo/Antenna Mount
784695 0635566355RC10 Rear Arms
784695 0636006360RC10 Rear Arm Mounts
784695 0636556365RC10 Rear Hub Carriers
784695 0637856378RC10 Rear Shock Tower
784695 0638086380RC10 Rear Inner Hinge Pin
784695 0644616446Shock Body, rear, 1.32″
784695 0644926449Shock Body, front, .56″
784695 0645086450RC10 Shock Cap
784695 0645156451RC10 Shock Accessories
784695 0646836468RC10 Shock Rod Ends
784695 0660456604RC10 Transmission Fasteners
784695 0660526605RC10 Transmission Case
784695 0660766607RC10 Motor Plate
784695 0660836608Gear Dust Cover
784695 0660906609RC10 Drive Gear Pivot
784695 0661066610RC10 Idler Gear Pivot
784695 0661136611RC10 Spine Plate
784695 0661206612RC10 Axle Drive Gear
784695 0661376613RC10 Idler Gears
784695 0661756617RC10 Diff Tube with Hub
784695 0661826618RC10 Diff Shaft and Pinion
784695 0662366623RC10 Diff PTFE Bushing
784695 0662436624RC10 Diff Outer Hub
784695 0662746627RC10 Diff Thrust Bearing
784695 0662816628RC10 Diff Spring
784695 0663046630RC10 Oilite Bushing Set
784695 0663356633RC10 Felt Seal Set
784695 0663426634RC10 81 Tooth Spur Gear, 48 Pitch
784695 0680016800RC10 Rear Wheels, 1.75″, 3-piece
784695 0681556815RC10 Champion Rear Tires
784695 0685066850RC10 Front Wheels, 2.0″, 3-piece
784695 0686506865RC10 Edge Front Tires
784695 0686676866RC10 Classic Decal Sheet

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