Review Pro-Line Black Diamond Shock Shafts

Pro-Line has recently released new Black Diamond shock shafts for the Team Associated RC10B4.1/B44.1 and for the TLR 22 buggies. Those new shock shafts are not just DLC coated, they are precisely machined and are stronger than any others common shock shafts.


The volunteer for this review was my Team Associated B4.1 Worlds buggy. Once I cleaned and disassembled the stock kit shocks, I was ready to install my new shock shafts. Installing the new Pro-Line Black Diamond shock shafts is a breeze because all the parts fit extremely well together. The shock shafts are exactly the same size as the stock ones so all the c-clips “clip” and safely stay in place. At the opposite of others shock shafts, the Black Diamond shock shafts are made of forged ultra-alloy material. The threads are roll formed instead of cut. The DLC coating used is identical to the one used in Formula 1 and NASCAR racing to reduce friction to minimum. According to Pro-Line, the DLC coating offers 10 times less friction than conventional TiNitride coating. The shafts are really well machined and use the best possible material. They are also 100% made in USA.

Review Pro-Line Black Diamond Shock Shafts RC News

With the shock emptied, I inserted the shaft into the shock body, I immediately noticed a difference. I took the time to compare with the others shocks waiting for the upgrade and I can feel a difference when moving the shaft up and down inside the shock body. This is not a huge difference but there is one big enough to feel it by hands. And when every little things count, this is a real advantage.

For the readers who care about their buggy weight. Before I proceeded with installation, I compared the weight of my four new shafts to the four stock shafts. The total weight saved with the Pro-Line’s shafts is 1 gram.

Review Pro-Line Black Diamond Shock Shafts RC News

On the track, my B4.1 was feeling smoother than usual but this is hard for me, common mortal, to clearly feel the difference which doesn’t mean they don’t worth to price paid for. I like the new shock shafts and I’ll keep them installed for sure.



  • Super smooth, low friction
  • Extra strong material used



  • A little expensive but that is the price to pay for high end products.



  • Precision Centerless Ground & Machined to Exacting Tolerances in USA
  • Threads Roll Formed instead of Cut for Ultimate Thread Durability
  • High Strength Ultra Alloy Material
  • Black Diamond DLC Shaft Coating Produced in USA
  • Highest Ever Surface Hardness for RC Shock Shafts
  • Lowest Ever Friction and Stiction for RC Shock Shafts
  • 10 Times Smaller Coefficient of Friction Compared to TiNitride Coating




If you are a skilled driver and you are looking for the extra edge over the competition, the new Pro-Line Black Diamond shock shafts is what you should look at. The shock shafts are offered for the B4.1, B44.1 and TLR 22 buggies.


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