Pro-Line Driver Kristopher Bolin TQ’s and wins at B&T RC Central

Pro-Line Team Driver Kristopher Bolin did a great job this past weekend at B&T RC Central. He won the Buggy and SC classes for their 50/50 payout race!


Here is what Kris had to say about the event:

“This past weekend I raced at B&T RC Centrals 50/50 payout race. There was a huge rain storm during the middle of the qualifiers, but the track was worked back into shape for the mains by the great crew. I ran 2wd Mod Buggy and 13.5 Short Course. I was able to secure the TQ in SC and take the A-main win! In 2wd I was sitting second on the grid and made my way up to take the win.

I ran Pro-Line M3 Holeshot tires on both my 2wd Mod Buggy and my 13.5 Short Course!”

Great job out there Kris!

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