Pro-Line Driver Nick Blais wins with PRO-2 SC at JBRL Round 7

Pro-Line’s brand new PRO-2 SC truck wins Mod SC at JBRL at the hands of Nick Blais! Matt Gilbert was 2nd for a PL 1-2

Pro-Line Driver Chris Blais took the win in 4×4 Mod Buggy at JBRL Round 7 in Palm Desert.

Pro-Line’s Matt Gilbert won the competitive 2wd Buggy Super Stock class with Pro-Line driver Nick Wautlet taking 3rd.


Chris Blais had this to say about the event:

“I used MX Scrubs and MX Suburbs on my 4×4 Buggy.  I was hooked up and my tires held up great all day. Nick used MX ION tires on the back and M3 Blockades on the front of his Pro 4 and Pro-Line Pro-2 Truck. He TQ’ed and dominated the Pro-2 SC Class all day. Thanks to all my sponsors for their support.”

Nick Blais had this to say about the event:

“HOT, HOT, HOT. The Blais Racing crew picked me up Thursday night and we headed for Palm Desert Raceway. After getting off the freeway around 10pm we noticed that the thermostat said it was 94 degrees outside. They were doing some track check over’s when we got there and they said we could hit the track if we wanted too. So I ran what juice was left in my Venom battery packs from the last race I went to. The track was hooked up thanks to them running it dry for the past couple of weeks. After running Friday when it was about 110 outside it was time to stiffen up all the suspension as you could tell by the chassis getting completely ground down. My Pro-Line tire choice would be to run MX ION tires in the rear with M3 Blockades in front on my SC trucks. My Tekno EB48 was completely dialed with MX Blockades wrapped all the way around. You could tell it was going to be good racing. Race day my Pro-Line PRO-2 truck was able to get the TQ and take the win in the main event!  More to come…”


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Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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