Pro-Line PRO-2 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower Brace for PRO-2 SC Rear

This is a carbon fiber front shock tower brace for the PRO-2 SC Truck. Pro-Line now has carbon fiber upgrade parts for your PRO-2 SC truck!

Certain high-bite track conditions required a super stiff front shock tower for consistent handling, so Pro-Line has answered the call by creating a machined Front Shock Tower Brace that eliminates all flex. If you race your PRO-2 SC truck on indoor medium to high grip tracks, this is a must have upgrade! This will also work on the 2wd Slash if it is outfitted with the Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension kit.



  • Machined Carbon Fiber Brace
  • Adds stiffness and style to your truck
  • Designed specifically for your PRO-2 SC Truck
  • Rear Shock Tower Brace also available #6109-01

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