Pro-Line Shockwave 3.8” All Terrain Truck Tires

This is a pair of Shockwave 3.8” All Terrain Truck Tires.  Prepare yourself for the new Pro-Line Shockwave!  The Shockwave 3.8” tire is an all-new lightweight Monster Truck tire that is the same overall size as the Stock Traxxas® Talon tires but has way more traction!

The Shockwave has a futuristic V-Style tread that improves handling and performance on the Street, Dirt, Grass or any terrain you want to go.  This tire is perfect for the guys that like a nimble handling truck or are going for high-speed runs and don’t want their tires turning into balloons or pizza cutters.



  • Lightweight Design similar in size to Stock Traxxas® Talon Tires
  • Futuristic V-Style Tread for incredible traction on Any Terrain
  • Low Profile Design reduces Tire Ballooning during High Speed Runs
  • Unique sidewall effect that will adds style to your Truck
  • Also available Pre-Mounted to F-11 1/2″ offset Wheels

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