Pro-Line Tazer 2.2″ Off-Road Buggy Rear Tires

This is a pair Tazer 2.2″ Rear Buggy Tires. Pro-Line has stunned the competition and shocked the racing community with the latest in high-performance race tire technology: the Tazer.  With the inputs of World Class drivers Ty Tessmann and Ryan Cavalieri, Pro-Line has created a race tire that provides unmatched forward bite in loose and dusty track conditions without the undesired edginess.

The Tazer features large overlapping center treads that will last throughout the long A-mains and perfectly sized lugs that will propel you to the top of the podium.  The Tazer is designed as a replacement to the original Buggy Holeshot for loose conditions, while the Holeshot 2.0 is best for hard-packed conditions.  Bring the competition to its knees – Get some Tazers today!



  • Inspired by World Class racer Ty Tessmann and Ryan Cavalieri
  • Incredible forward traction in dusty conditions
  • Represents newest in tire tread technology


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