Racers Edge Power Grip Hex Drivers

Back by popular demand and updated for 2012, the Racers Edge Power Wrenches come complete with grips and in all common standard and metric sizes. Color coded aluminum handles, just like the original series, for quick reference in your pit box . Our hex tips are precision ground and tougher than ever before. Our new “GRENADE!” grips make for a locked in but comfortable feel for those long wrenching sessions.

Available December 2011
Part # Description Retail Price
RCE7701 Power Grip Hex Driver 1.5mm 11.99
RCE7702 Power Grip Hex Driver 2.0mm 11.99
RCE7703 Power Grip Hex Driver 2.5mm 11.99
RCE7704 Power Grip Hex Driver 3.0mm 11.99
RCE7711 Power Grip Hex Driver 050″ 11.99
RCE7712 Power Grip Hex Driver 1/16″ 11.99
RCE7713 Power Grip Hex Driver 5/64″ 11.99
RCE7714 Power Grip Hex Driver 3/32″ 11.99
RCE7700 Power Grip Hex Driver Set (5) 050″ 1/16″ 5/64″ 3/32″ 2.5mm 49.99


For more information, visit www.racers-edge.com

Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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