Renato Tradardi Jr. takes Truggy and Buggy at the South American Championship

South American Championship 2012 was held in Bogota, Colombia August 15-19, hosted by RC-Colombia Team. The weather ranged over a cold 10-20 degrees; the track was located at Tenjo, 2600 meters above sea level. These factors meant that tuning for the engines was quite difficult!


Renato Tradardi Jr.’s RC8T and RC8.2 battled bitterly cold temperatures, extreme carpet traction, wet track conditions, and more pit stops than he liked, and still took the top podium in each class.

Wednesday was a day of free practice for Buggy and Truggy. It was a pretty good day of testing tires and setting up the car. Because the track was 55% carpet, the traction was extreme.

Thursday saw four rounds of Truggy classes, of which the top three rounds were chosen. Controlled practice for Buggy was held on the same day. Renato Jr. had engine problems in the first three rounds; Renato Sr. had problems in the first two rounds. Jr. made the last round doing the TQ for that round and finished at seventh position overall. Sr. did well in his last two rounds, making third overall.

Friday saw action in the Buggy classes. Unfortunately, it rained for a while and the track got wet. Despite the wet conditions, Jr. ran the first two classes and took the TQ spot. After the track dried a little, he continued leading in all the rounds, making TQ overall.

Saturday saw the Truggy finals. The rain continued, and so did the race. Renato Sr. and Renato Jr. were in the same semifinal B, Sr. in the second spot and Jr. fourth. Overall, Jr. did first and Sr. did fourth.

Jr. led the 45-minute final while Sr. engaged in a constant fight for second and third place as he battled with Miguel Villalobos, Adrian Castro, and Felix Correa. After 27 minutes of running, another pilot crashed Renato Sr., breaking his steering servo and taking him out of the fight. After 45 minutes of racing, Renato Tradardi Jr., with his Team Associated RC8T, took the win 3 laps over the second place.

Sunday saw the Buggy finals. The sun came out, giving more grip to the track. For the semifinal the track was dry and traction was again excessive. The semifinal witnessed a fight between Miguel Villalobos and Renato Tradardi Jr. Renato Jr. had some problems with the engine, which necessitated making several pit stops; this took him into the second position in his semifinal and in third position overall.

For the 1-hour final, it started to rain a bit, leaving the track with perfect traction. From the beginning to the end of the race Renato Jr. was the leader. The JConcepts tires chosen were a nice selection, giving Renato’s car from the beginning until the end of the race perfect traction and tire life for a perfect performance in the race. In the end, Renato Tradardi Jr. with his Team Associated RC8.2 took the win 3 laps over the second place finisher.

Products Used:
RC8T Factory Team Championship Edition Truggy
RC8.2 Factory Team Buggy

Thanks to Renato Tradardi Sr. and Renato Tradardi Jr. for this report.


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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