Ronald Völker Reigns At 2011 VRC PRO Worlds 1:10 ISTC


After already winning in 2008 he was now victorious in the 2011 VRC Pro worlds held at the Eppelheim track, the very same track where the LRP Touring Car Masters will be held end of March. In the final the Ronald was challenged by Martin Wollanka from Austria who managed to stay within 3 tenths of Ronald but a crash in lap 11 put him 2 seconds back and although he was able to make 2 tenth up in the next 5 laps Ronald ‘Mr. Consistent’ Völker cruised home with a 3.5 second gap at the finish line on Wollanka.

1:8 World Champion Kevin Pignotti  from Italy finished 3rd to complete the podium just 7 thousands in front of Mustafa Alp from Turkey. Quite an amazing performance of the Turk who came from nowhere and almost made it to the podium.

Ronald Völker dominated the event from qualifying till the main final, winning all 4 rounds. However, from qualifying till the main final he was able to up his game by a full lap, especially on constancy. He worked hard on car setup and was kind enough to share this valuable information with other racers by posting his setup sheet on his profile page on VRC World at:


Check out all results of the 2011 VRC Pro Worlds 1:10 ISTC at:


Check out their final run comparison between Völker and Wollanka at:,237740


Nations cup

Germany was the strongest nation with Volker, Brunke and Knippenberg in the top-11, Italy was a good second with Pignotti, Maronne and Poliseno in the top-14 while Austria finished 3rd with Wollanka, Stangl and Haslinger in the top-37.

Ronald Völker’s history with VRC dates back till 2005 when he joined VRC. Back then he was racing in the Tamiya Cup and soon after he stepped in to 1:10 ISTC and started racing for LRP. Now he is one of the world best racers in 1:10 ISTC racing for team Yokomo and LRP. His involvement with VRC has helped him to develop himself into the world class racer he is today. Ronald is also involved in the  fine-tuning of the handling of, and tire development for 1:10 and 1:12 electric on-road cars. VRC Pro is proud to have Ronald Völker involved on both racing and testing level.


Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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