Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report

The third stop of the Short Course Showdown Nationwide Tour took place at the legendary Trackside Hobbies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event attracted just under 170 of the nation’s best short course racers including the faces of Team Associated’s Brian Kinwald and Chad Due, TLR’s Taylor Timmerman and JP Richards, AKA’s Greg Hodapp, MIP’s Matt Olson and Eustace Moore, and media coverage from RC Car Action Magazine’s “Chilly” Duncan and LiveRC’s Mike Garrison.

Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News


The Trackside Hobbies crew put together a very smooth, flowing, and fun layout for the event which featured a long, fast, straight-away and sweeper section, big air triple, split lane, and more! The triple was an easy jump for mod class racers, but a “do or die” leap for stock class drivers making that section the center of attention for wild and crazy passes.
Throughout qualifying and the mains it was a wheel-banging battle in all classes as everyone fought hard for their spot in the prestigious A-Mains. The spectator turnout at Trackside was unlike any other we’ve seen as the entire track was lined wall to wall with spectators cheering and enjoying the racing action all weekend long.

There was one race that gathered more spectators, more volunteer turn marshalls, and more excitement than any other. This two driver race was a heads up battle between two of the fan favorites for the weekend. This race was none other than the “5 and Under Superstars” class with the famous Larry and Drew racing wheel to wheel. Whether it was Larry in his full driving suit, or Drew talking to the fans as he’s racing, EVERYONE enjoyed seeing these little guys take the track. Congratulations to little Larry Wright IV and Drew Bengston on outstanding performances!

After four rounds of qualifying and mains the show finished up with the top 8 drivers in each class doing battle in the A-Mains, finishing up as follows: The Novice class this weekend belonged to Drake LeBeau in qualifying, however, Joe Slosarczyk would pull out all the shots in the A-Main to take the win! LeBeau would finish up four seconds back with Chris Burk finishing a close third.


Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News   Novice Class A-Main Results
1. Slosarczyk, Joe
2. LeBeau, Drake
3. Burk, Chris
4. Waters, Jon
5. Ayers, Lee
6. Olson, Jamison
7. Kittleson, Caleb
8. Kemp, Jayson


Shortcourse Buggy was a stacked class this weekend, but one driver would DOMINATE qualifying and the A-Main. Speed Passion driver, Dustin Richards, laid it down using his Team Associated SC10B for a clean victory with JConcepts very own Dave Duncan in second and Mike Nelson in third.


Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News   Shortcourse Buggy A-Main Results
1. Richards, Dustin
2. Duncan, Dave
3. Nelson, Mike
4. Hills, Jason
5. Pratl, Ryan
6. Duncan, Trevor
7. Blundon, Jacob
8. Deibert, Don


The Traxxas Slash 4×4 class was the Adam Gratz show all weekend long. Adam TQ’ed qualifying and checked out in the A-Main. Justin DeBuhr finished
up in his starting position of second, and Don Deibert would finish only seven seconds back in third.

Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News

Traxxas Slash 4×4 Truck A-Main Results
1. Gratz, Adam
2. DeBuhr Justin
3. Deibert, Don
4. Joers, Arny
5. Wright the Third, Larry
6. Wright, Nick
7. Carson, Kevin


The Traxxas Stock Spec Slash class was a full class of racers with A,B,C, and D mains! The A-Main was a battle between TQ Tony Balisterri and Jacob
Blundon. Blundon would sneak out front and take the win with Tony in second. Six seconds back was the B-Main bump driver, Pat Hamill, rounding out
the podium.

Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News

Traxxas Stock Spec Slash A-Main Results
1. Blundon, Jacob
2. Balisterri, Tony
3. Hamill, Pat
4. Zenil, Dana
5. Strum,Brian
6. Whitt, Tyler
7. Deibert, Don
8. Carson, Kevin


The Stock Shortcourse Truck class was full of excitement! Wheel banging action, and back and forth racing the entire race! After some intense racing
Nicholas Mueller would check out to take the win. Behind him was a heated battle as Brian Lutz, Chad Stenson, and MIP’s Eustace Moore would duke it
out. Lutz would hold onto second with Stenson a CLOSE third.


Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News   Stock Shortcourse Truck A-Main Results
1. Mueller, Nicholas
2. Lutz, Brian
3. Stenson, Chad
4. Moore, Eustace
5. Duncan, Dave
6. Minnich, Christopher
7. Ska, Adam
8. Krivitz, Eric


Mod Shortcourse Truck was a packed with upset and excitement. Team Associated’s Chad Due looked to be cruising away for the win, when mistakes in traffic would allow none other than Brian Kinwald to take over the top spot. AKA’s Greg Hodapp charged hard for second, and young Cole Tollard would take third.


Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News   Mod Shortcourse Truck A-Main Results
1. Kinwald, Brian
2. Hodapp, Greg
3. Tollard, Cole
4. Richards, JP
5. Due, Chad
6. Richards, Luke
7. Liebherr, Corey
8. Sunderlage, Matt


Mod 4×4 Shortcourse Truck belonged to Team Associated’s Chad Due, however, NOT without a hard charging fight from MIP’s Matt Olson. Olson had a rough start and quickly made his way back to the front with Due, but wasn’t able to close the gap enough for a win. Chad Due took a well-deserved win with Olson second, and JP Richards finishing up third.


Shortcourse Showdown Round #3 Race Report RC News   Mod 4×4 Shortcourse Truck A-Main Results
1. Due, Chad
2. Olson, Matthew
3. Richards, JP
4. Walters, Alec
5. Kinwald, Brian
6. Sunderlage, Matt
7. Tollard, Cole
8. Timmerman, Taylor


Yet another successful Showdown event is in the books! For more pics and race info visit the official Short Course Showdown Facebook page at

For more information visit!

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