Team Associated Wins 9 Classes at the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals

The third round of the JConcepts Indoor National Series made its annual summer stop at Outback Raceway, home of With an expanded track size and new pit area layout, the facility continues to evolve while maintaining a consistent track surface and fast layout. Team Associated was there and brought in a few of their up-and-coming drivers to compete in the event that featured close to 250 total entries.


In qualifying it was the “Spencer Rivkin Show” who took the top qualify (TQ) honors in 2WD Modified Buggy, 4WD Modified Buggy, 2WD Modified Stadium Truck, and 2WD Modified Short Course Truck. Also taking TQs for Team Associated were Brendan Wheatley in 2WD 17.5 Stadium Truck and Kamryn Ayers in 4WD 13.5 Buggy.

To start the main events, Spencer Rivkin piloted his just-released SC5M from pole position to a dominant debut victory by lapping the field in the single A Main event of 2WD Modified Short Course. In 2WD Modified Stadium Truck Rivkin lead out to start, but was paced by teammate Tommy Hinz. Hinz stayed close and capitalized when Rivkin got tangled with lap traffic and held off a late race charge from Rivkin to take the win with his T5M. As the stock classes got underway, first up was Brendan Wheatley and his T5M. Brendan checked out as soon as the tone sounded and never looked back, taking the wire-to-wire win. Shortly thereafter Kamryn Ayers put on a similar performance with her B44.3 to take another victory for Team Associated.

In the premier 2WD and 4WD Buggy Modified classes racers and spectators were treated to triple A mains and they got their money’s worth. In 4WD Modified Buggy Rivkin and teammate Michael Schoettler paced each other in A1 until Schoettler got stuck on a pipe and Rivkin was able to pull out the lead to secure a victory. In A2, Schoettler lead the field after a mistake from Rivkin put him a few seconds behind. Over the last couple laps, Rivkin was able to close the gap and put on a daring jump pass at the finish line that collected Schoettler.  The Race Director made Rivkin yield the position to Schoettler and the two had one lap to battle it out. Heading in the to the 180 at the end of the straight, Rivkin ran his B44.3 in deep on Schoettler and forced his way past wheel-to-wheel. With just a few corners to go, Rivkin held on to take A2 and the overall victory.

In 2WD Modified the top three qualifiers of Rivkin, Schoettler and Hinz were clearly the class of the field. Checking out from the competition, the three of them had intense battles that saw the title decided by a tiebreaker of less than one second. In A1 Hinz and Schoettler battled the last few laps with Schoettler getting the victory. In A2, Hinz got to the front and took an easy victory. In A3, Rivkin lead from the tone with Schoettler shadowing him the entire 6-minute main event. After the results were calculated it showed that Schoettler won the tiebreaker by 0.6 second over Hinz with Rivkin securing third.

Also taking victories with Team Associated vehicles were Eddie Bernal in 40+ 2WD Modified Buggy with his B5M, Derek Stephansen in 17.5 Expert 2WD Buggy with his B5M and Douglas Hobbs in 17.5 Intermediate 2WD Buggy with his B5M.

Overall the event was ran smoothly by the A-Main crew and racers enjoyed the consistent track conditions and challenging layout. Special thanks to JConcepts, Kevin Jelich, and Ruben Benitez for the great event and congratulations to all the winners!

Reedy power used: 

#237 Sonic 540 Mach 2 8.0 Modified
#738 WolfPack 3800mAh Shorty 7.4V 25C

Spencer, 4WD
#240 Sonic 540 Mach 2 6.5 Modified
#738 WolfPack 3800mAh Shorty 7.4V 25C

Spencer, SC
#238 Sonic 540 Mach 2 7.5 Modified
#317 Reedy LiPo 5200mAh SQ 7.4V 50C

#238 Sonic 540 Mach 2 7.5 Modified
#602 Reedy 4100mAh 65C Competition 7.4V Shorty LiPo Battery

#233 Sonic 540 Mach 2 13.5 Spec
#602 Reedy 4100mAh 65C Competition 7.4V Shorty LiPo Battery

#238 Sonic 540 Mach 2 7.5 Modified
#738 WolfPack 3800mAh Shorty 7.4V 25C




Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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