Seven Titles for Team Associated at the 26th Pro-Line Cactus Classic

The Pro-Line Cactus Classic is the premier outdoor electric off-road race in the country. With a rich heritage, and new owners in 2012, the Cactus Classic lives on in its 26th run. Now owned and operated by HobbyTown USA, the SRS facility combined sections of previous layouts to form a flowing and challenging course for the best drivers in the world to compete on.


In qualifying, it was the duo of Team Associated drivers, affectionately known as “the Ryan and Ryan show,” who set the pace. In 4WD Modified and 2WD Short Course Modified, Ryan Maifield and his Reedy Sonic-powered Factory Team B44.1 and Factory Team SC10 earned the top-qualifying spot, while in Truck Modified it was Ryan Cavalieri and his Factory Team T4.1 who started on pole. Joining them in the A Mains for Team Associated were Steven Hartson (2WD and 4WD), Brian Kinwald (2WD and Truck), Chad Due (4WD and 2WD SCT), Kody Numedahl (2WD SCT and 4WD SCT), Max Flurer (2WD SCT and 4WD SCT), Brent Thielke (2WD and Truck), and Kai Goff (Truck).

When the triple A-Main events rolled around on Sunday morning, it was clear to see that both Ryan and Ryan were ready to compete for the titles. Not wasting any time, Cavalieri came out swinging, taking the A1 victories in 2WD Buggy, Truck Modified, and 4WD Modified, while Maifield KO’d in 2WD Short Course. A2 had the same results in Truck Modified, with Cavalieri claiming the title for Team Associated while Maifield took home the championship in 2WD Short Course. However, in 2WD and 4WD Modified there were different winners, setting the stage for a spectacular title shootout in A3.

Cavalieri and Maifield rocketed away from the field in both classes, determined to show that their Team Associated vehicles were the stars of the ring and well prepared to duke it out for the championships. In 2WD Buggy, the duo put on a fantastic show for the fans, highlighted by a midair pass from Maifield on Cavalieri. 4WD Buggy saw their cars reach unreal speeds, and each driver pressed the other to the limits of his skill. In the end, Ryan Maifield held the trophies aloft in both 2WD and 4WD Modified. Yet the real winners were the fans who got to see a virtuoso performance put on by two of the best RC drivers under the sun.

Thanks to everyone at HobbyTown SRS for another great Cactus Classic and welcome back to the title sponsorship Pro-Line. Without the efforts of everyone involved, the event it couldn’t be the success that’s seen it last for over a quarter decade.

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Sylvain Lafrance

Sylvain Lafrance

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