LRP Spin Super Review Reviews

LRP Spin Super Review

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LRP Spin Super Review


I am into the offroad cars and trucks for many years now, however, last autumn I’ve bought my very first sedan car, a Team Associated TC4 RTR. Sedan cars were something absolutely new for me. I had never drove an onroad car in the past and my first goal was having fun with others guys in a school gym that we rent every Friday nights.

LRP Spin Super Review Reviews

The first thing I did on my TC4 RTR was swapping the stock brushed motor and speed controller for a Reedy 13.5T brushless motor and a LRP Spin Super ESC. Why this combo? I wanted to keep my budget low while having a performance motor/esc combo that I could use for my onroad and offroad needs.

Installing the LRP Spin Super speed controller was easy and no need to write super long paragraphs about the installation. I would resume the installation by saying that you open the box, install the included double-sided tape to the ESC and you fix the ESC to the chassis. Voilà, the ESC is installed! Next task was soldering the motor wires to the motor. The Spin Super comes with a Deans connector for the battery and bullet connectors for the motor. The on/off switch and the power capacitor are integrated to the ESC, this quite simplifies wires routing. Because my motor uses tabs, I had to cut the bullet connectors and solder the wires directly to the motor tabs.

The LRP Spin Supers firmware is upgradable so I took few minutes to download the latest firmware and to upgrade the firmware. You can download all latest firmwares by visiting Take note that you’ll need the LRP USB Bridge 2 (PN: LRP81801) to connect the ESC to your computer.

Like every speed controllers, few steps are required to calibrate the ESC. It took me about 2-3 minutes to go through the calibration process. Calibration is done by following blinking LEDs on the ESC. I highly recommend you to read the user manual first. You can download the manual at this address:

Three more settings are also configurable. The number of cells (1 to 4), the drive selection (forward only or forward+reverse) and the torque setting (enables no boost for true stock racing). The Spin Super comes with what LRP names “Multi Protection System 3” which indicates any error codes like motor or esc thermal shutdown, low voltage and motor failure.



Like mentioned previously, I’ve tested my LRP Spin Super speed controller in my TC4 during last winter. We were a group of guys racing in a gym. Despite of having a lot of traction, we had a lot of fun and a lot of fender to fender action. Since the first night, the Spin Super never failed to its duty, every time the ESC has worked flawlessly. Many times I’ve ran my car until the low voltage cut-off kicked in, the ESC never came hot, always slightly warm even after a full hour of racing.

The LRP Spin Super also shines by its simplicity of use, plug the battery, turn the transmitter on and press the power button and you are ready to good. I’ve set up my ESC to have reverse, it didn’t alter braking. When applying brakes, the ESC is super smooth and braking is pretty much expectable and the reverse will only kick in when you reapply brakes. That’s nice to prevent damage to drive train.

LRP Spin Super Review Reviews


What I liked:

  • Affordable high performance and quality
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Integrated on/off switch
  • Easy to use


What could be improved:

  • Motor wires a little short for some applications.


Specs and features:

Voltage input7.2 – 14.8V (2S – 4S LiPo)
Rated current100A/phase
Typical voltage drop @20A0.044V/phase
Weight (without wires)32g
Case size36 x 38.5 x 22mm
Recommended motor limitover 9.5T


  • Deans® high-power battery connector
  • Worlds winning sensored brushless technology
  • 2S-4S LiPo (7.2 – 14.8V) – adjustable LiPo cut-off
  • true stock racing – Boost 0 mode adjustable
  • Dangerously powerful – LRP Worlds winning performance in an affordable package
  • Splash-proof – protected against the elements
  • Easy single-touch operation
  • USB Software updateability – benefit from the latest improvements available at!
  • Forward/brake/reverse + racing mode with forward/brake only
  • Heavy-duty design – fully integrated tough construction
  • 3 LED user interface – for easiest handling
  • Multi protection system – fail safe
  • Strong switching BEC – 6V / 2A




Even if the Spin Super is marketed has an upgrade for RTR speed controller, it will shine at club level racing as well in an offroad or in an onroad car. I don’t really care if it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of high performance and high priced speed controllers. What’s important to me is that the LRP Spin Super has never failed, has always stayed cool, is easy to configure and it didn’t break my budget. I would not be afraid to race any of my offroad cars and trucks with the Spin Super installed in.  A “Pro” version of this ESC also exists, it accepts motor with lower turns if you ever need extra power. Some ESC/motor combos are also available from Team Associated.

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  1. Does then fan on your spin pro make strange noises upon powering up?

    David Padillia: You have to have your radio on to access all the modes during setup. It might help to get a magnifying glass because the yellow and green LEDs are pretty hard to differentiate.

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