Review Lucky 7 RC Air Filters

Review Lucky 7 RC Air Filters Reviews
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RC Air filters are so many times neglected, they are a crucial component of your nitro vehicle.

Most cars use an inner and an outter air filters. Both air filters prevent dirt and dust from entering into your nitro engine. A little dirt in your engine and there are good chances that your engine will lose its compression and your engine’s bearings will feel rough.

Review Lucky 7 RC Air Filters Reviews

I always used stock air filters on all my nitro vehicles. They always worked fine so I’ve never really feel the need to use anything else until someone told me about their new Lucky air filters designed for the RC8. To be honest, I never really paid attention to Lucky 7 RC, I knew what they were offering R/C products but that’s all.

Review Lucky 7 RC Air Filters Reviews

The air filters are extremely well packaged. One bag for the inner air filters and another bag for the outter filters. Both bags are sealable (just like for foods) so air filters will stay clean and sealed for a very long time. All filters are perfectly pre-oiled, no dry spots on the filters. The filters are a little larger than the stock ones, maybe 1mm. They fit a little tighter, this adds a little more protection because dirt won’t enter between the air filter and the air filter cap.

Review Lucky 7 RC Air Filters Reviews

I had few hours planned to a race track for practicing. I knew the track was dusty so it was the perfect time to test the new air filters. I practiced a total of 10 fuel tanks and not a single particle of dust has passed through the outter filter, the inner filter and the whole intake are like new, not even dirty. Next weekend, I’ve raced (15 minutes of practice, 3 qualifications and one 20 minutes main) with my buggy at the same track with the same excellent results. I still use the same inner filter since I’ve moved to Lucky 7 ‘s air filter (almost a full gallon) and it still perfectly clean. I’m really impressed by the quality of the product and by the extra protection those air filters offer.

Review Lucky 7 RC Air Filters Reviews

Review Lucky 7 RC Air Filters Reviews

Lucky 7’s products are used by some of the best R/C drivers such as Cody King, Taylor Peterson, Josh Wheeler and Travis Amezcua just to name a fews. No matter which nitro engine you run and how much you’ve paid for, the Lucky 7’s air filters are definitively the best insurance you can buy for your engine.

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