Pro-Line Ambush 4×4 Mini Scale Crawler Review

Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler Review Reviews
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Pro-Line Ambush 4×4 Mini Scale Crawler Review


Being in the R/C industry for more than 30 years, Pro-Line is well known for their bodies, tires and accessories. Recently Pro-Line Racing has released a mini crawler, the Ambush. This 1/25th scale truck is exactly what I was looking for to run in the house during winter. So, I’ve ordered one and here’s my Ambush review…



Just like many full-size trucks, the Pro-Line Ambush uses a steel leaf spring suspension system. The suspension is soft enough to maximize traction by keeping all four wheels on the ground. The suspension travel is good for such a little truck. You would understand that the Ambush is a 1/25th truck so don’t expect 4 inches of suspension travel! The Ambush suspension travel is around 10-12mm. The shocks are friction type which means they don’t use oil. The truck is too light, no need for oil filled shocks. On the chassis, few extra holes have been drilled to mount the shackles at different locations to change the suspension travel.

Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler Review Reviews


Tires & Body:

The Ambush is all about details and realism. The wheels and the tires are no exception. Pro-Line has equipped the Ambush with Mini Flat Iron tires mounted on black Denali wheels. The tires and wheels combo is simply awesome and it adds a lot of realism to the Ambush. Even if I didn’t have the chance to run the Ambush outside, I have run the truck indoor on different surfaces such cardboard,  wood, concrete and ceramic. The Mini Flat Iron tires have performed well on all those surfaces so I can figure they will do as well and even better outside on rocks and sand. There are no inserts in the tires. Once again, the truck is too light to use foam inserts. As expected from Pro-Line, the body is top quality with a realistic roll cage and a figurine. The International Scout/Ford Bronco body holds in place with two Velcro strips.

Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler Review Reviews



Let’s start with the radio. The Ambush is controlled by a 2.4GHz radio. The radio is fully proportional and has many adjustment options. In the hand, the radio feels light and fits well in small and big hands. Note that the radio has a 3rd channel for people who would like to add extra gadgets to the truck. The receiver and the speed controller are combined in one single unit. The included 350mAh Lithium Ion battery slides and clips into the battery box located forward the truck to increase front wheels traction. A tiny and surprising 030 “Micro Torque” brushed motor powers the Ambush. The motor has plenty of torque to get the Ambush out of trouble or to flip the truck on its lid. The G9000 micro steering servo is mounted on the front axle and has 1.6Kg of torque. This is more than enough to steer the front wheels. If the front wheels are locked, this is the end of the truck that will swing left and right.

Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler Review Reviews


The chassis:

The chassis is made of two 3mm thick metal rails on which the suspension, the drive train and the electronic components are attached. The chassis is black oxide coated for extra protection. This is exactly the same chassis layout used on 1/10th scale trucks. The chassis is very rigid and doesn’t flex. At each ends of the chassis, there is a well detailed bumper. There two holes and a open area on the front bumper. This might be for some future accessories.

Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler Review Reviews



All the drivetrain components may be tiny but it doesn’t mean they are not durable. The “worm gear” drivetrain is slop free and spins smoothly. This is because the Ambush uses bearings everywhere. Critical gears are made of steel to increase durability and precision. Telescopic drive shafts transfer the power from the transmission to the diffs.

Pro-Line Ambush 4x4 Mini Scale Crawler Review Reviews



  • Length: 7.80″ [198mm]
  • Width: 3.75″ [95mm]
  • Wheelbase: 4.52″ [115mm]
  • Weight: 0.68lbs. [308g]


What’s in the box:

  • Pro-Line Ambush 1/25-scale vehicle
  • 2.4GHz pistol-grip transmitter
  • Pulp Paper Rock
  • 350mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • USB Li-Ion Charger
  • T-Handle Wheel Wrench
  • Color Sticker Sheets
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Instruction manual


The overall testing procedure took me few weeks to complete because I’ve left the truck in the living room and I’ve ran it when I had free times. The truck is fun to drive but to push the experience to the limit, I have built a mini crawler track with whatever I could find in the house. I used cushions, empty boxes, pieces of wood of different sizes, logs and even the dog’s bed. I had a blast driving the Ambush, each time, I was wondering if the little truck would be able to climb over those obstacles. Every times I’ve ran the Ambush, it has quickly became a point of interest for my daughter and from my dog who didn’t appreciate the Ambush crawling his bed… Anyway, it was fun!


What I like:

  • Complete RTR package
  • Realism with a capital “R”
  • Easy to use and long runtime
  • 100% hobby grade quality
  • I like the battery and charging system

What could be improved:

  • A little pricey



No doubt in my mind that the Pro-Line Ambush is an excellent ready-to-run crawler truck. I wouldn’t be surprise if Pro-Line releases many option parts and accessories for the Ambush. The truck is a little more expensive than the competition but you get what you pay for. It’s worth the extra 20 bucks! The Ambush is really a fun truck to drive. It goes slow, it goes everywhere, it is durable and it has really good runtime. The Ambush is not a toy, it’s a hobby grade quality truck. For me, the Ambush has made me remember how fun and simple R/C should be. No pressure, no stress, no expensive costs, just pure fun!

Stay tuned to MyRCBox, I’ll post more articles about the Ambush in the next weeks.

You can download the instruction manual here.

For more informations about the Ambush, please visit www.prolineracing.com






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