Review Pro-Line Big Blox

During the last World Championship, Pro-Line has released three new high performance tires and one of them is the Big Blox. The Big Blox is offered in conventional M2-M3-M4 compound but it is also available in the all-new X2 and X3 compounds. The Big Blox comes with Pro-Line’s closed cells insert that fits perfectly to the tire and prevents the tires from getting out of shape. The Big Blox is also offered mounted or unmounted.


The tread is something new from Pro-Line. The central lugs are large with a vertical, horizontal and diagonal cuts. On each side there is one row of smaller bow-tie style lugs and two rows of smaller pins. If you are familiar with Pro-Line tires, you’ll find the pins of the two external rows similar to those found on the Blockade tires. With the larger central lugs, the Big Blox is designed to last long mains with minimal wear.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t try the Big Blox at this period of the year, snow has covered the race tracks but you can count on me to give you a full report once I hit the track. So stay tuned to for more information about the Pro-Line Big Blox.

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