Review Pro-Line Blockade 2.2” Rear Buggy tires Reviews

Review Pro-Line Blockade 2.2” Rear Buggy tires

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Pro-Line Blockade Review


With a 2wd buggy, having the right tires for the right track surface is primordial. Without traction, your buggy will be quite harder to drive and you’ll have to fight with the buggy to stay in the race line. The tracks where I race my 2wd buggy are far from being hard packed and sugared… In fact, the surfaces are made of packed dirt with variable amount of loose dirt on the top. This is the kind of surface that I must loosen the slipper and adjust the throttle expo on my transmitter to reduce the power curve and to limit tires spinning.

The tread of the Pro-Line Blockade is made of small square lugs with two closer lugs in the center forming a zigzag all around the tire. There are two rows of lugs (cut diagonally) on the external sections of the tire to prevent the tire from catching in the small bumps and flipping the buggy upside down. There is an approximate 1mm gap between each lugs to increase traction in dusty or loose conditions.

To test my new Pro-Line Blockade tires, I’ve mounted them on Pro-Line Velocity white wheels and replaced the stock white inserts with Pro-Line blue closed cell inserts for more control on all surfaces. The Blockade are offered in two different compounds, the M3 (soft) and the M4 (super-soft). For my review, I’ve choose the super-soft M4 compound.

Review Pro-Line Blockade 2.2” Rear Buggy tires Reviews

I’ll skip the tire mounting and gluing processes because as always, it all went perfectly. I’ve punched two 2mm holes in each tires to reduce ballooning effect and it helps the tires to “breath” more easily.

Coming down the straight lane and slowing down before entering a tight 90 degrees corner, I immediately felt that my buggy had a little more acceleration than usual. In all sections of the track, my buggy had more forward traction and had more braking. The rear end also felt more planted to the track. In the tight corners, the Blockades felt smooth without catching into the imperfections of the track. The Blockades gave me more confidence and I was able to push the buggy a little more without losing traction or control. After few laps, I had to slightly tighten the slipper clutch because I was hearing the slipper clutch slipping while my tires were not spinning out at all.

After 5-6 packs, the Pro-Line Blockades show absolutely no sign of wear, even if I was using the super-soft M4 compound all the lugs are still looking like new.

I’m super happy that Pro-Line has decided to release the Blockades for 1/10 buggy. The Blockades fit right between the HoleShots and the Calibers. If your track is a little too loose for the tires with tiny pins, try the Pro-Line Blockades, I’m confident that you’ll like the Blockades. and like me, make them your #1 tire choice. I’m so much satisfied that the Blockades are the first R/C product to receive the “ Approved” stamp!

Review Pro-Line Blockade 2.2” Rear Buggy tires Reviews


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