Pro-Line Car Stands Review Reviews

Pro-Line Car Stands Review

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Few months ago, Pro-Line Racing has released two very nice car stands. Compared to others car stands on the market, the stands from Pro-Line are unique.

When I first saw the stands, my first impression was that the stands were just stands and I had no reason to get them because I was thinking that my old lexano/plastico/rubbero stand was doing the job.

I was wrong, so wrong. The Pro-Line stands are way better than my previous stand. They are a little more expensive than the regular stands but they will last your whole life and even more. I’m sure you can’t say that much of any others tools you have in your pit box.


Pro-Line was smart enough to offer their motocross style stands in two different sizes. A smaller stand for 1/10th scale vehicles (PN: 6258-00) and another bigger stand for 1/8 scale vehicles (PN: 6257-00). The stands are made of thick blue anodized aluminum making the stand super robust and light. I even suspect them to be strong enough to hold my full scale car… Maybe I should try it and post a video one day 🙂 Ok, now let’s go back to the serious things. The stands are high enough for bigger vehicles like monster trucks and truggies. They also can be used for crawlers and scale trucks. In fact, they will work just fine with almost any R/C vehicles.

Pro-Line Car Stands Review Reviews

On the top, four holes have been drilled so you can insert your shocks and let them rest to remove air. Also on the top, fours rubber grommets will help to keep your vehicle in place while you’re wrenching on it. The bottom of the stands is wide making the stand very stable on multiple surfaces.

For those who wonder how big the stands are, I’ve measured them for you:

1/10 stand:

  • Top plate: 108mm x 93mm
  • Shock holes size: 17.9mm
  • Height: 77.5mm

1/8 stand:

  • Top plate: 135mm x 114mm
  • Shock holes size: 22.2mm
  • Height: 121mm

Now that I’ve both stands, I keep one in my work shop and the other one in my pit box. I use both stands for my ebuggy and for all my others 1/10th scale cars.

Pro-Line Car Stands Review Reviews

If you are looking for a durable, light and unique car stand, the Pro-Line 1/8 and 1/10 stands are definitely stands that you should consider.

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