Review Reedy LiFe 6.6v 1700mAh receiver pack Reviews

Review Reedy LiFe 6.6v 1700mAh receiver pack

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Reedy LiFe 6.6v 1700mAh receiver pack.


If you run nitro, you know how important a good receiver pack is. Having run conventional NiMh receiver packs for many years in my different nitro vehicles, I know that a weak or a cheap receiver pack can cause a spectacular runaway that usually ends into a catastrophic result like damaged nitro engine, a totally toasted clutch or worst, someone hurted. Today’s mains tend to be 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Even if you run shorter mains or just bash, having enough power for your servos and receiver is vital.

For this summer, I’ve bought three Reedy LiFe 6.6v 1700mAh receiver packs. They fit well into my RC8B’s battery box. They have roughly the same dimension as conventional humppacks. They are also 31% lighter, 89g for the LiFe pack versus 117g for the NiMh pack. But where the Reedy LiFe packs shine is in the runtime department. I used one pack for 30 minutes of practicing and for 3 qualifications. This is more than 45 minutes of runtime and there was plenty of power left in the pack. I used another pack for a 20 minutes final and to break a new nitro engine in and to bash around the house. The pack still has plenty of power in it. You can easily do 60 minutes with the Reedy LiFe receiver pack.

At the opposite of standard NiMh receiver packs, the Reedy LiFe pack holds its full power much longer and and more equal. LiFe produces sustained power compared to NiMh packs that fade as soon as you start using them. Another advantage of the LiFe receiver pack is that you don’t need any voltage regulator to drop down the voltage to 6v like the 7.4v LiPo receiver packs. The Reedy LiFe pack is 6.6v, all receivers and servos will handle the power with no problem. At the opposite of the LiPo packs, the LiFe chemistry is stable will not catch fire if you incorrectly charged the pack and you’ll not ruin the pack if you completely discharged it. That are huge advantages.

Review Reedy LiFe 6.6v 1700mAh receiver pack Reviews

To charge the Reedy LiFe pack, you’ll need a LiFe capable charger. Most of today’s LiPo chargers can handle LiFe batteries. A balance connector with JST type plug will balance the two cells while charging. And since I’m talking about the balance connector, all my Reedy LiFe receiver packs were still balanced even after a hour of usage.

I can now say “Bye bye” to all my NiMh receiver packs. With the Reedy 6.6v 1700mAh LiFe receiver packs I can spend more time driving my nitro buggy without having to charge the receiver packs. After all, we run nitro, we have sufficient batteries to charge as it is, why not make our life simpler!

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