Review Reedy RT1508 Servo Reviews

Review Reedy RT1508 Servo

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Reedy RT1508 Review!

Few months ago, Reedy Power (Team Associated) has released two new servos. The RT1506 (speed) and the RT1508 (torque). Both servos are digital with metal gears and they can handle high voltage (7.4v) receiver packs or BEC. An aluminum case helps to dissipate heat and adds extra robustest to the servo. Ok, enough talked about the specs. Now, let’s talk about the performance.




I’ve mounted my new Reedy RT1508 servos into my T5M and my RC8.2E. The case is standard size so the servos fitted perfectly in my two vehicles. One negative point is the cable. In my last 20 years, I’ve always connected the servo cable with the black wire near the edge of the receiver case. Why Associated decided to use an all black cable? The first time I’ve connected the servo to the receiver. I’ve accidentally inverted the wire. Luckily, it didn’t blow the servo or the receiver.

At 6v the Reedy RT1508 is good for 187oz of torque with a transit time of 0.10 second. At 7.2v, the specs are slightly increased with 212oz of torque and a transit time of 0.08 second. In both situations, the specs are adequate for my 1/10th and 1/8th vehicles. I never felt the need for more speed or torque.



As expected, the Reedy RT1508 performed flawlessly. I never been a fan of servos with exaggerated torque or speed specs. I prefer reliable and precise servos and this is exactly why I like the new Reedy RT1508 servo. Since the Reedy RT1508 servos are in my T5M and my RC8.2E I never had any issues with them. Don’t be surprised if the Reedy RT1508 servo becomes the only servo I’ll use for all my vehicles.



Input (V):6.0V- 7.4
Speed (sec/60deg), 6.0V:0.10
Speed (sec/60deg), 7.4V:0.08
Torque (kg-cm,/oz-in), 6.0V:13.5/187.4
Torque (kg-cm,/oz-in), 7.4V:15.3/212.4
Dimensions (mm):39.5 x 20.0 x 38.6
Weight (g):61.6


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